Designs Of Pakistan Truck Art

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Trucks and art seems to be a wrong combination of words. Big wheels, heavy machinery noise and may be tons of weight on the back with beautiful soft and hard strokes of brushes, vibrant colours coupled with daring and exciting design patterns and even colourful lights, yes this is the truck of Pakistan.

These old Bedford trucks may not be that glowing and shiny under the hood but are beautiful art and design marvels on wheels.

The truck drivers do it all by themselves only for their love of it. The designs are one of a kind and quite expensive as the art not only includes the just plain body paint but is decorated with shiny mirrors, small light weight metal pieces , paintings of tiger or may be falcon and light bulbs to give it for finishing touches.
It seems like and art contest that who’s got the most exciting, outrageous design. The cost of these design marvels can easily exceed $1000, and is a big business in Pakistan’s big city of Karachi. Some truck designs even exceed $10000 and can take 3 to 4 months to get the art work done.

Why do invest so much money on old trucks, well according to drivers besides good looks the more beautiful and exciting design, chances of getting hired are even more.

According to Archaeological experts, these art designs can be traced back 9 millenniums. Then mainly influenced by art of Central Asia and the latest Mughal art. These designs can have paintings of famous personalities, national heroes, patriotic symbols to Ka’bah in Makkah and verses from Holy Quran. One such masterpiece was even showcased at Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2002.

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    I would like to commission several panels on wood of Truck Art for a Patio Screen/s. I do think there is a market for this and I would be happy to assist you.

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