Painfully, but slowly Politics of Pakistan Is Changing, Thanks Imran

December 11th, 2011, In: About Me \ 1 Comment

I didn’t wanted to mess up my blog by discussing politics here, but was inclined to write this post when I saw a few glimpses of the PML(Nawaz)’s Rally in Faisalabad on 20th November on Television, and I couldn’t help but notice what an impact Imran Khan has already made with one Rally in Lahore, on our old school politicians.

I have no intentions of discussing ‘Record Deeds’ of our mainstream politicians, of two major parties, PPP(Pakistan People Party) and PML(N) (Pakistan Muslim League), i know it wont be of any use. I guess we all know how great they all are, and how they got filthy rich so quickly, and still dare to say they are the people’s choice and our representatives..… common..

Until now, I love the Army rule, why? Simply because from my old folks I have learnt, the best government they saw was “General Ayub’s Era”, and from my own personal experience, “General Musharraf’s Era ” is the best I have seen, yet.

No matter what our bogus politicians say, they seem to be scared/ obsessed /impressed/inspired with Imran Khan. And I think it’s good for us people/Nation that Imran Khan has set some new standards and raised the bar high above them, the tried and tested. Way to go Imran!

The biggest highlights of change for me were,

  • PML learned that it’s much more patriotic (otherwise we all know what PML(N) did, when it came in to power, twice) to start a rally with National Anthem as did PTI, especially in these tough times.
  • No matter what they say, PML (N) accommodated a few famous National Songs, just as in PTI’s rally in which the songs were more targeted towards this (Corrupt , bogus, power hungry, money making) system.
  • PML(N) also tried to depict as if its rally is also well organized , as it was in PTI’s rally at Lahore.

I couldn’t bear the whole of PML(N)’s stage show (maybe we all know who they actually are, and they proved themselves twice ), and changed the channel to see the Wipeout ;) .

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One Response to Painfully, but slowly Politics of Pakistan Is Changing, Thanks Imran

  1. shazia, said:

    next prime minister of Pakistan ishaallah

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