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January 30th, 2009, In: Design \ 5 Comments

Imagine you are working on a graphic design project in CorelDraw and suddenly you say why i am always writing text horizontally i should try Vertical Text now… hmm .
You move your cursor to the text tool ( button with an A symbol ) and click it and now your eyes are looking for vertical text option in Property Bar. But soon you realize that there is no option to write text vertically. What!

Lot of people at this point just say no problem still i can use the Enter Key on the keyboard, and the problem is solved. You later realize that it was a pain rather than relief, if client asks to change the text in the design.

At CorelDraw forums the best solution i could find was our trusty Character and Enter method.

There is a very simple solution for writing the text vertically in your designs when usign Coreldraw rather than rotating every character or the plain old Enter technique.

The Solution

After typing your text do this

Step 1

Convert it to paragraph text if its Artistic Text ( You may change it to Artistic later On )

Step 2

Now from your menu bar go to Tools -> Options -> Text

Corel Draw Dialog box image

Step 3

Look for  Minimum Line Width property and reduce it from 3 to 1 and click Ok.

All now left is click and drag the bottom handler down so that the text can take up the space and after that push the right side handler inside so that the space of text area is only for a single character.
As you push right side text handler inside you would see the characters shifting down and ultimately only with one single character per line.

You may want to adjust the alignment or character spacing if you want to and that’s it.
Happy designing.

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5 Comments to Vertical Text In CorelDraw

  1. jason, said:

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. nevenche, said:

    it was very interesting to read
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  3. Dawood, said:

    @nevenche – Yes, you can quote the post in your blog. Sorry still didn’t joined twitter…
    not a big fan of social sites… :P

  4. Maisha Poche, said:

    May you electronic mail me with most tips & ideas on how you made your web page glance this amazing, I’d be appreciative.

  5. Dawood, said:

    @ Maisha Poche.. Sorry it wont be possible but i am working on starting some sections may be some freebies as well, so say tuned ;)

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