Web Design Flashback

October 14th, 2008, In: About Me\ Web \ 3 Comments

A few days ago my friend pointed out to me that my previous website was better than my current one. Strangely i agreed with him to some extent. The reason was simple that my previous site was of more simple and basic structure, but i think i was tired of another ‘A clean web design layout’.So that was the reason when i was designing the current website layout powered by wordpress i did not went for the absolute simplicity in design.

But anyways i thought why not put all of my previous wacky web site designs, well if not for inspiration may be to chill out a little bit. So check out may be my web design evolution.. to bluzed

Web Design Profile in 2002

Web Design Profile in 2004

Web Design Profile in 2005 Splash Page

Web Design Profile in 2005 Main Page

Web Design Profile in 2008

Damn i feel Old…, LOL.

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3 Comments to Web Design Flashback

  1. annie, said:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Bud Schrauger, said:

    I am usually not one to submit comments on people’s articles, but for this write up I simply had to do it. I have been cruising through your blog a lot recently and I am super impressed, I think you might potentially emerge as one of the main opinions for your market. Not sure what your free time is like in life, but if you started commiting more time to posting here, I would guess you would start getting a bunch of visitors eventually. With affiliate stuff, it might emerge as a great passive revenue source. Just something to think about. Good luck!

  3. Dawood, said:

    @Bud Schrauger- Yes, i hope so.. currently my main focus is not the SEO…, even i dont have share the post… buttons…i hate them… LOL.

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