Invitation cards for the wedding of Prince William

February 24th, 2011, In: Design\ Inspiration \ 4 Comments

Marriage is set to be on 29th of April,2011 of the son of Charles Philip Arthur George and the late Diana Frances. The 28 years old prince is second in line to the throne.

He has also served in the military note ably in Afghanistan ( no need to say it would have been all cleared up ).
Personaly i am not a fan of monarchy, so keeping things really short. You can view the designs of the royal wedding invitation cards for the Prince William, i tried to look for some older historic invitations cards of the royal family but no luck, it would be great if some one could share them.

View the Card ( would open in new window )

View the Card (Updated Link)

Thanks to Dishes, just stumbled across this website official website for the wedding. Check the Official website for Wedding ( Would open in new window )

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4 Comments to Invitation cards for the wedding of Prince William

  1. rao farhan ali, said:

    wish u best of luck getting marriage for best futher. i am so glad u take best step in ur precious life.i humble request to u plz give me chance to join the prince wedding i have great wist to goin this great event of brtish empire. if it is easy to send me invitation cart to goin this graet event. i am so graetful to u.
    rao farhan ali
    lawyer in pakistan (Gujranwala)



  3. Mahreen, said:

    great wedding, best of luck wiilliam and kate.

  4. Mahreen, said:

    Best of Luck Prince William.

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