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Today Pakistan gets 61 years old

Today on 14th August 2008 I send a big congrats to every Pakistani out there, Long live PakistanPakistan Paindabad“.

On this bright and beautiful day one easily becomes sad if he turns on the T.V (well definitely if electricity is coming through) or just even watches the newspaper. And Pakistani Rupee is facing record plunge all the way down, the Afghan fighters all the way in one of our Province Sarhad, India’s day to day shooting at the border the internal struggle of power,(not in any way struggle for democracy), wow it all seems so terrifying that i don’t really want to go out and celebrate because its time to do some badly needed patch up .

I cannot just celebrate because Quid-e-Azam gave us this land of pure 61 years ago and we couldn’t even keep it that way (East Pakistan is vanished from the globe). In my opinion we killed that Pakistan long ago which our Leader ( Quid-e-Azam ) gave us, such a shame on us and it seems like we still cannot keep it this way either(may Allah help Pakistan).

In this Crucial time our President (Pervaiz Musharaff) gave a really nice speech yesterday 13th just focusing on just Pakistan as he has always said “Sab say pehlay Pakistan”. And today i heard the speech of our Prime Minister (Yousuf Raza Gillani), of a member of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) whose chairman is a 19 year old (Bilawal Zardari) and the party is running Pakistan just like a 19 year old too as like the speech of our Prime Minister in which his main emphasis was not on Pakistan but his political party PPP.

All i can say is stop talking its time time to do work show us what you can do, all you seem to be doing is just payback or personal fights and struggle of to get more power, it seems like they don’t care about Pakistan all they care about is how to increase the cabinet and go out to London to do some more meetings just plain wasting of time and at the end of the day you say Pakistani People should make some more sacrifices thats what is happening since 1947, now its time that our leaders show us how to make sacrifices, and put Pakistan on the track of success.

One of my suggestion to all the politicians of Pakistan is learn from your enemy too and learn to admit about the good deeds of another person. At least ask Mr. President that how did he kept the economy at that point where our so called democratic parties could never lead us to.. Stop the blame game its enough.

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